North Carolina

On our recent trip to North Carolina:


Wagon wheel at the venue for our friends Jay and MC’s wedding.

Gymnasium floor at my little sister-in-law’s basketball game. 


77 degrees in the middle of March (top right of mirror).    

Some of the Colgan family; from left to right: Drew, Uncle George, me (Paige), Patrick, Nicole, Tim, Tracie, and Uncle Kevin.

We had a great trip.



I snapped these photos yesterday as I arrived home just as a murder of crows flew overhead (A murder is a group of crows).  There are so many crows in Seattle and many of them hang out on the power lines outside our appartement.  They also migrate over our home as seen in these photos.  I haven’t always been a fan of crows, but I have a new-found interest.

Crows fly

The University of Washington has been tracking and observing these birds for years and their research is very interesting.  Check out this short clip

These animals are fascinating!



in~spi~ra~tion:  stimulation to do creative work:  stimulation for the human mind to creative thought or to the making of art.

This blog is an attempt at creative work.