Summer (part 2)

MONDAY:  Hung out with Greta.  So cute.








TUESDAY:  Coffee with Jessika in Ballard.

My Summer (so far)

School is finaly out and I have officaily begun my summer break.  So far…

FRIDAY:  Last happy hour of the school year.  SATURDAY: Witnessed the Tour De Greenlake.  Dress up in costumes and ride your bike from bar to bar.  I also watched my husband and friends play their final games in church softabll for the 2011 season.


SUNDAY: Ginger’s baby shower.  Great fun, and fun company.

And soon Patrick and I are off to visit friends.  I’ll keep you posted.

Case of the Mondays

With just a few days left in the school year, I have felt like many days are “Mondays”.  Well, today’s visit from my sister and her 2 girls was a great change of pace.  They spent the day at the zoo and met me at home when I was off work.  Together we walked Daisy at the park then hung around the apartment.  Just a casual and fun visit with my sister.

I thank God for the family I have.

Happy Father’s Day

Hey dad!

We hope you have a great day.

Love you lots.

Paige, Patrick and Daisy

Daisy #1

Mom and dad are on their way.  An amazing trip from Anacortes, WA to Alaska.  Patrick and I are hanging with Daisy.  Here are some photos.




I recently got this idea to use with the students at my school.  Mustache on a stick.  So I experimented on my family and friends first. So fun for all ages!

10 on 10 – June

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1. morning coffee
2. latest book I'm 'reading'
3. Irwin's bakery
4. peony
5. pizza
6. nap time
7. door detail
8. Great at softball
9. cast iron skillet
10. birthday treat for Jeremy

Thursday Happy Hour

Today I spent the afternoon with some coworkers.  We headed to SAFCO to turn in our Starbucks vouchers for free tickets.

  After our successful ticket pick-up we ended our outing at Schooner Exact.  A great local brewery…the proof is in the photos.

New toy

After several years of using a great little camera, Patrick and I decided to upgrade to another compact “point and shoot” camera, the Olympus XZ-1.

We purchased from a local camera store, Glazer’s.  A great place with very knowledgable staff.  I am looking forward to learning all about this new little toy.  Photos coming soon.

Out to lunch

Last week I went out to lunch with a student at my school to a new little place just across the street form school.  It caught my eye becuase of the owl in their name/logo, but their food was good too. NOOK.