6 years…

We both keep looking at one another saying “6 years? 6 years!”  Yes, 6 wonderful years.  On this day we exchanged vows, kissed, and had a party.  What a blast.  So to celebrate our anniversary we had a date.  Patrick likes to plan a night out and not let me in on any detail.  I was told to be ready at 7:00 and dressed casual.

We drove downtown, parked near Pike Place and arrived at Matt’s in the Market.  Great table with a view of the famous marque.  Amazing wine.  Delicious food.  The best guy.

After our meal we walked round the area to enjoy the warm evening and people watch.  At home I prepared a quick mocha milkshake and we sat on the front steps and talked about the past 6 years we have shared together. 

A fabulous night with the best husband in the world.  I love you boo.


2 Comments on “6 years…”

  1. Jerry says:

    We remember it like it was yesterday. Great people and a great party. What else could you ask for.

    Love you,
    Mom & Dad

  2. rachel t says:

    I wish I had known you two when you got married. We should do a joint renewing of vows someday. 😉 But seriously, you two really are an inspirational couple. So great together and so fun. You know how much I love you.

    Love Rachel

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