beer tasting

Friday night with my boo.

After a tough day at work I was looking forward to something, anything, to get my mood up out of the shitter.  Chuck’s 85th is a corner mini mart, run by Chuck, a guy who knows his stuff when it comes to beer.  Every Friday he hosts a beer tasting at his shop for $1.  Local, and not so local, breweries arrive to sample their brew.  Tonight was a great Seattle brewery from Sodo, Schooner Exact.

An eclectic group of customers filtered through during our visit.  Several dogs.  At least one child.  Neighbors. friends, and the Colgans.






This place has a great selection of beer.  Stuff I have never heard of.   And if you aren’t sure what you want, just ask Chuck (the guy in the 3rd photo).  He really knows his stuff.  85th St. Market also has taps.  Bring in your growlers for fills, stop by for a pint, you can even order a keg.


( mī-kŏl ‘ ə-jē ) n. , pl. , -gies . The branch of botany that deals with fungi.

I have just returned home from my neighborhood library after attending a seminar on mushrooms.  These little toadstools are pretty interesting.  So here I am with a new post on shrooms.

Know Your Shrooms is the most recent documentary I watched.  Lots of hippy type folks excited about hunting and collecting different specimens, then swapping stories and recipes.  Apparently there is a Mushroom Festival every year in Telluride where people gather, who are geeky about fungus (there seems to be some sort of fungus fest in every corner of the world).

On a recent walk around Green Lake, Patrick and I came across this…

They are all around us, and I plan on finding some.


Another week begins…thank God.

welcome to the weekend

This week has been particularly difficult. There have been a number of factors to make this week into what it is. The lows seemed lower than usual, yet the highs were higher too. Which brings me to Friday. Today was a highlight (along with a feeling of success at work when my kiddo completed a tough task) because it was pajama day!

10 on 10 – October

Welcome to October.  This was a fun set because I get to share my career with you.  I love my job and I am so glad I get to share a small part of it with you this month.

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Thanks to Rebekah and her blog for hosting!