grateful: days 21-27

I am grateful for…

21 Nov: Story time

22 Nov: A holiday and family meeting Silas

23 Nov: Decorating for Christmas

24 Nov: Cloth diapers (thanks mom!)

25 Nov: Birthday wishes and quality time with my boys

mini donuts at Ballard Farmer’s Market

26 Nov: A walk around my neighborhood

27 Nov: A haircut

grateful: days 14-20

I’m thankful for…

14 Nov: Food on the table and a warm home

15 Nov: Our small group

16 Nov: Our health

17 Nov: Free concert

Caspar Babypants

18 Nov: The nursery at church

19 Nov: Patrick making dinner

20 Nov: Rain, thunder, rain, sun, then more rain (Seattle weather)

12 weeks

Silas is napping and I find it difficult to choose what to do with the time I have while he is “settled”. Today I decided to post.

Motherhood is still fantastic. I love how totally consumed with Silas’ every movement, coo, whimper, and poo. While he is sleeping I watch the video monitor, even though he has certainly not woken. I wonder what he is doing with daddy while I am in the shower or preparing dinner. I look at photos and videos of weeks past and ponder how he has changed in 12 short weeks and imagine him in the future.  A-maz-ing: to overwhelm with surprise or sudden wonder; astonish greatly.

grateful: days 7-13

A few words and photos.
I am grateful for…

7 Nov: Sunshine in November
8 Nov: My kitchen
9 Nov: Unexpectedly  finding and trying new things in my city

10 Nov: A family to laugh with

11 Nov: Everyone in our (not-so)-small group in one room
12 Nov: Dinner with a friend
13 Nov: A community of mothers (MOPS)

10 on 10 – November 2012

finding his thumb

baby therapy

baby sunglasses


baby toes





chatting with grandma

ten on ten button

grateful: days 1-6

A blog I like to follow is hosting “capture our blessings“. An opportunity to find something everyday of November to be grateful for. Here is my first installment of a couple of photos and a few words.

1 Nov: Silas

2 Nov: Patrick

3 Nov: Donuts with friends

4 Nov: My parent’s marriage

5 Nov: Quality time with my 2 favorite people 

6 Nov: The right to vote


happy anniversary

45 years ago today my parents exchanged vows and were married!!

Congratulations to the most wonderful mom and dad. You are an inspiration to me and I am so proud.

Love you.