12 weeks

Silas is napping and I find it difficult to choose what to do with the time I have while he is “settled”. Today I decided to post.

Motherhood is still fantastic. I love how totally consumed with Silas’ every movement, coo, whimper, and poo. While he is sleeping I watch the video monitor, even though he has certainly not woken. I wonder what he is doing with daddy while I am in the shower or preparing dinner. I look at photos and videos of weeks past and ponder how he has changed in 12 short weeks and imagine him in the future.  A-maz-ing: to overwhelm with surprise or sudden wonder; astonish greatly.


One Comment on “12 weeks”

  1. rachel T says:

    You are so dang cute. And you look amazing too! 🙂 Love Silas’s photo shoot.

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