Things that I love

Today is Tuesday.  The sun is shinning.  What else would I do with my handsome husband other than go on a quick date to Green Lake.

Dinner was a tuna fish sandwich, potato chips, and a beer (disguised in a coffee mug).

The entertainment was a rec-league softball game.

sunny days

As previously mentioned…the sun has arrived in Seattle.

I spent part of my afternoon at Green Lake park with a stack of magazines.

Here comes the sun

This spring in Seattle has been particularly cool.  Not cool as in the slang, but cool as in COLD.

That is why the recent forecast for 70+ degree weather for this Friday, May 20th is so exciting.  The month of April in the great northwest set records as the coldest April in recorded history. That’s 120 years.

I hope to take full advantage of the sun.


On a recent trip to Monterey, California I was able to hang out with friends, witness a beautiful wedding, and enjoy the sun.

Loved it!