school year: day 1

The first day of school.

So fun. Exhausting. Great. Inspiring.

I can’t believe that my summer break is officially over and I am back at work.  Honestly I love my job and I am excited about what this school year has in store for me and my coworkers.  We are now up to 62 students (44 last year).  That is a lot of kiddos in the 4 classrooms we have…plus staff.

Anyway.  Cheers to the new year!

family photo

I love this family…and Patrick in the back, gotta love him too 😉

I love my neighborhood

This Notice of Proposed Land Use Action sign went up on the fence of the “pit” in Greenlake.  Hilarious!

Wordless Wednesday

Just a few pictures from the past few days.

10 on 10 – August

My walk begins on the beach at Golden Gardens park in Ballard.

Seaweed on the rock.

A bike ride with my Boo.


Pin. Pin. Pin.

A walk around the neighborhood.

A trip to Goodwill.

Who knew you could buy a cow bell at the hardware store.

Today is my mom’s birthday, so I made a stamp in her honor. (Happy Birthday Mom!)

Red wine and crappy TV. Love it.

Summer – part 4

Greenwood SeaFair Parade

A walk around Greenlake with Ginger (baby has arrived :))

Nerdy 30 birthday for Steve (he’s the one on the right)

University Market picnic

Peaks frozen custard

Sunset at Gas Works

6 years…

We both keep looking at one another saying “6 years? 6 years!”  Yes, 6 wonderful years.  On this day we exchanged vows, kissed, and had a party.  What a blast.  So to celebrate our anniversary we had a date.  Patrick likes to plan a night out and not let me in on any detail.  I was told to be ready at 7:00 and dressed casual.

We drove downtown, parked near Pike Place and arrived at Matt’s in the Market.  Great table with a view of the famous marque.  Amazing wine.  Delicious food.  The best guy.

After our meal we walked round the area to enjoy the warm evening and people watch.  At home I prepared a quick mocha milkshake and we sat on the front steps and talked about the past 6 years we have shared together. 

A fabulous night with the best husband in the world.  I love you boo.